Hand Carved Tabletops

All GMT Fine English Oak or Maple is from a controlled and renewable source only. In partnership with the Master Carving Studio we present the limited edition of one hundred traditionally hand-carved, fine English Oak, feasting tables and matching chairs.

The medieval Hedgehog, Stag or Running Hare Icon, will be carved somewhere around the edge of the table together with the edition number, making each piece completely individual and unique.

Run your hands over the warm soft silky ripples of the hard Oak. Observe the unrivalled quality and craftsmanship of this work of art in furniture. So desirable, so impressive, it will bring pleasure to all who see it.

Feast on it, enjoy and celebrate on it.

Make memories on it!

The fine English Oak has been aged in the time honoured manner. Hand carved and hand burnished, then lovingly massaged all over with Danish Oil to preserve the woods natural, glorious beauty.

Reflect and enjoy on the subtle changes of tone that come with the passing of time. See how the character of the wood seasons and matures

This is a table to be used every day and become a part of your home. Don’t worry about knocks and spills – just wipe over with a damp cloth and gently massage Danish Oil into the wood from time to time to restore the warm tones and lustre of the fine English Oak.

The wrought iron pedestal and chair frames enhance the mystical medieval look and conjure up thoughts of unfettered merry making.

Personal messages can be carved on anywhere on the table itself. Favourite quotes, family member names, a personal dedication to a loved one in classic English or Latin Script can all be done to your liking.

Remember only 100 will ever be commissioned and numbered – created to the highest quality, with unrivalled craftsmanship.

Traditional Hand Carving Method used on your unique and exclusive, limited edition Baronial Hand Carved Feasting Table and Chairs.

Each piece of commissioned Fine English Oak or Maple will be an individual varying in tone and grain, but this only adds to the interest and enjoyment of your fine piece of furniture. First the Oak is air dried for 2 years, further drying in a kiln brings the moisture content down to 11% which uniforms the wood and keeps it stable.

Drying over such an extended period gives the wood excellent carving properties and allows the natural magical lustre of the wood to emerge. The boards are quarter sawn and flat dowel jointed, the method used for hundreds of years by master cabinet makers, then laid to rest for a week to ensure that it settles and is ready for the next process. Only when we are satisfied that the wood is ready, the hand carving with traditional tools begins. This process takes time and is lovingly carried out by craftsman trained in the time honoured English tradition.

The whole of the surface and sides are hand carved to give a wonderful, warm, soft, rippled textured finish. We then fume the wood with a concoction of traditional preparations which when in contact with the natural tanning in the wood oxidises and produces a surface that our ancestors would have produced over 400 years ago. Examples of this method of treating wood can be still be seen today in Shakespeare country. Linseed Oil and Danish Oil are then tenderly massaged into the English Oak and finally burnished until it glows and the true beauty of the wood comes through. The wrought iron medieval pedestal support and chair frames are hand crafted to compliment and enhance the look of those historic times, full of magic, mystery and the legends of old.

Hand carved commission tables start from £2500