Microcare Fabric

Actively stops the growth of bacteria such as MRSA - 99.9% within 2 - 4 hours.

MICROCARE® - eco The ultimate high tech upholstery fabric. Made with a unique combination of a specially developed anti-bacterial airflow coating microfiber with a polyurethane coating ensuring it is waterproof yet breathable means all the benefits of vinyl, yet remains soft, warm & comfortable.

This ultimate high-tech upholstery fabric is based on a unique combination of a microfiber, easy cleanable suede fabric, and a new type of high-tech, environmentally friendly, polyurethane coating. The coating guarantees water and urineproof safety and ventilated comfort (air flow coating system).

 Microcare Characteristics

  • New brushed suede effect
  • Soft, supple and comfortable
  • Water and urine-proof
  • Nanoclean® finished
  • Simple cleaning instructions
  • Fire resistant to BS 5852, 1 & 2 ignition source 5, EN 1021 - 1+2, DIN 4102-B1, UNI9175/ FA1:1.IM
  • Hardwearing (excess of 80,000 rubs Martindale)
  • Non sticky, because of its unique ventilation system (air flow coating)
  • Nano-Silver antibacterial Technology.
  • Environmentally friendly 

Microcare Video

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Examples of Microcare Suede

GMT Interiors Ltd bespoke hand crafted table and chairs with glass insert and glass coasters designed and manufactured by GMT.

GMT Interiors Ltd bespoke hand crafted table and chairs with glass insert and glass coasters designed and manufactured by GMT


General Care

MICROCARE fabrics are High Tech specially designed and developed for use in health care institutes, restaurants, hotels, care homes, ships and marine industry etc.

The most important feature of MICROCARE fabrics are there easy clean ability, due to their high stain/fade resistance.

To keep MICROCARE fabrics in shape and condition the Polyester microfiber pile had been impregnated with a stain and oil resistant finish. This means that liquids can easily be blotted away, whilst dust and dirt that stay on the textile's surface can easily be removed by simply vacuuming.


Water based stains, such as, wine, coffee, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, tea, milk, vomit, faeces etc.

Using a clean absorbent cloth blot up as much liquid as possbile. Rinse out any remaining liquid using warm water (not hot), do not soak. Only when necessary use a good brand of proprietary upholstery cleaner.


For other kind of stains such as fruit and berry, emulsion paint, blood etc. Follow the instructions as per water based stains but make sure that COLD water is used instead of warm. When Microcare fabric is dry brush gently, first against then with the pile.


Oil based stains such as, butter, margarine, cream, salad dressings, cooking oil etc. Use a clean absorbent cloth to apply a spot remover containing dry cleaning fluid. Use a spatula to carefully remove any excess, dab the stain from the outer edge to the centre of the stain.


A maximum of 20% dilution of Sodium Hypochlorate bleach will not affect the colour fastness of Microcare fabric.


General Information

  • Microcare®-eco is offered in 180 beautiful colours and patterns.
  • Roll length is 30 meters
  • Width is 140cm
  • Price on reques


Available Colours

Suede Black
Suede Cobolt
Suede Deep Green
Suede Ivory
Suede Grass
Suede Mink
Suede Fire Red
Suede Rose
Suede Orange
Suede Burgundy
Suede Petrol
Suede Cyclamen
Suede Opal Blue
Suede Azure
Suede Olive
Suede Grape
Suede Chocolate
Suede Brick
Suede Peach
Suede Tan
Suede Gold
Suede Buck
Suede Donegal Peat

Colour Cards